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FullCircl API Overview Guide
Developer tools (API)
February 2024

FullCircl API Overview Guide

See the benefits of automation with FullCircl’s enterprise-grade API.

What is the FullCircl API?

The FullCircl API is an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides a way for clients to interact with the suite of company intelligence and functionality offered through the FullCircl platform.

APIs are a means to access deeper insights from FullCircl and automate critical workflows. There are many benefits to using the FullCircl API, including:

  • Quickly test and deploy new workflow automations, reducing cost and manual error
  • Build digital journeys that improve compliance and end user experience
  • Apply business logic for more complex processes using the FullCircl decision engine

The B.I.G technology


connections between companies, officers and shareholders, updated daily

Always up, always on


powered by Google Cloud Platform, our cloud native architecture delivers an unrivalled uptime

Why the FullCircl API is unique

There’s a reason both established incumbents and fast-moving challengers partner with FullCircl. Our market-leading API stands out in many ways:

  • 2.5 billion data points from more than 40 sources updated up to three times daily for the most comprehensive and up to date company intelligence available
  • Unique insights generated from more than 270 million relationship linkages in the FullCircl Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)
  • Easy-to-integrate architecture and comprehensive documentation, backed by a dedicated support team and the FullCircl guarantee• Industry-leading 99.9%+ guaranteed uptime as standard for unparalleled reliability and resilience

Why the FullCircl API is unique

Development teams can be up and running with an API key in minutes. Public documentation and test keys are available at the FullCircl API portal.

The basic structure of the API includes a search endpoint, three core modules, a series of premium endpoint and the functionality, including the FullCircl Decision Engine.

  • Essentials module - Basic company firmographic information
  • Ownership module - Deeper director, shareholder and group structure information• Financials module - Up to 20 years of financial information, as well as ratios, growth rates and KPIs
  • Premium endpoints - Credit reports, PEPs & sanctions information, KYB checks

We rely on FullCircl’s state of the art API’s to onboard and remediate our multiple customer segments making millions of API calls. FullCircl provide highly performant, fast and reliable access to the latest company and registered officer data and insights.

       Jonathan Hollman, Santander

For the full API technical specification:

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