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FullCircl API Data Fields
Developer tools (API)
July 2023

FullCircl API Data Fields

The purpose of this guide is to provide essential information about FullCircl’s data elements to help you design a successful integration implementation.

Less integration, more acceleration

The FullCircl API enables businesses to automate many of their internal processes by providing fast, easy and programmatic access to FullCircl’s comprehensive company data.

From boosting form completion rates, through automating AML and EDD checks, to streamlining the credit decisioning processes, FullCircl’s API is the reliable and easy way to increase the efficiency of your business.

API Endpoint

Essentials (Company, Charity and Officer)

Company registered names, past and present

Company industries (SIC2003, SIC2007)

Company industries (NACE, NAF)

Company addresses, Trading and Registered

No of employees

Legal Entity Identifier

Financial Summary - EBITDA, Turnover, Post Tax Profit, Total & Net Assets

Company descriptions

Company keywords, nature of business

Company telephone numbers

Company websites

Company related names

Company officers

Company social media profiles

Company charitable identities

Company HMRC imports and exports, commodity, trade, typeOfficer  vitals,  name,  nationality,  residence,  other  officerships,  D.O.B,  address, disqualifications

Officer appointments

Ownership (Company and Charity)

Company shareholders (company, individuals inc links to DueDil company profile & director profile

Company group parents

Company group subsidiaries

Company portfolio companies

Company bank accounts

Company gazette notices

Company related companies

Company FCA authorisations

Company filings (listing of all filings, name, date & inc articles of incorporation, confirmation statements)

Company charges

Company persons of significant control (linked to DueDil director profile)

Charity subsidiaries website, registration as: Charity status history, Charity areas of activity,

Charity registered names & Charity classifiers


Company and Charity full financial information. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements, detailed financial ratios, Historical Financial Statements (up to 20 years), Annual  Returns, Accountants, Auditors, All information in annually filed accounts. Financial Ratios e.g. Liquidity, Current and Return on Equity (see Detailed Financials tab for comprehensive listing).

For an exhaustive list of detailed financials, please refer to the financial section on pages 4-5.

Continuous Updates/Daily Alerts


Officer appointments/changes

Newly filed financials

Registered address changes

Trading addresses changes

New gazzete notices

Shareholder changes/new

Beneficial owners changes/new

KYB Decision Engine (Custom warning/flags changes or new)


Company name


Gazzete Notices

Annual Return Overdue

Foreign ownership (immediate and ultimate)

PEPS & Sanctions

Business and Individual Search

Adverse media

Law enforcements


Sanctions current

Sanctions previous


Credit Reports

Linked businesses

Linked individuals

County Court Judgements (CCJ)

Credit Limit

Credit Limit History

Credit Rating

Credit Score History

Invoices Outstanding

Invoices Paid

Payment trend

Threshold Days




Share percentage

Degree of seperation

Group / subsidiary ownership

Country of residence


Link to detailed officer record

Foreign ownership (immediate and ultimate)

Detailed Financials

Field & Description



amortisationOfIntangibles  -  The cost associated with reducing the value of intangible fixed assets over their useful life






capitalEmployed - Total Assets less Current Liabilities; equivalent to Fixed Assets plus Working Capital

cash - Cash in hand and in the bankcash

cashConversionCycle - Days Inventory Outstanding + Days Sales Outstanding - Days Payable Outstanding

cashToCurrentLiabilitiesRatio - Cash divided by Current Liabilities

cashToTotalAssetsPercentage - Cash expressed as a percentage of Total Assets

cashToTurnoverPercentage - Average cash for the period expressed as a percentage of annualised Turnover

cashToTurnoverRatio - Average cash for the period divided by annualised Turnover

cfoToSalesRatio - Net Cash Flow from Operations divided by Turnover


contingentLiabilities - A potential obligation dependent on the outcome of a future event

costOfSales - Direct costs to the business of generating the Turnover


currentAssets - The sum of Stock, Trade Debtors, Cash and other assets due within one year of the accounts date

currentLiabilities - The sum of Trade Creditors and other liabilities due within one year of accounts date

currentRatio - Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities

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