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SmartOnboard Overview
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May 2024

SmartOnboard Overview

SmartOnboard is a comprehensive compliance and risk platform that helps onboard customers faster and enables better management of risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

Onboard customers faster and manage risks smarter

SmartOnboard is a comprehensive compliance and risk platform that helps onboard customers faster and enables better management of risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

Financial institutes face several challenges when onboarding commercial customers. Firstly, they must adhere to stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Verifying the identity of commercial customers and ensuring compliance with these regulations can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Secondly, the extensive documentation required can create a cumbersome process. Assessing commercial customers' creditworthiness and risk profile demands comprehensive due diligence. Furthermore, competition from fintech start-ups and evolving customer expectations for convenience and personalisation present additional challenges.

SmartOnboard has been designed to help financial institutes enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their business customers' onboarding process by leveraging data-driven insights, helping with regulatory obligations, and meeting customer demands.

Benefits of SmartOnboard

Reduce manual efforts and costs

Accessing insights from multiple data sources through a single platform saves time and lowers costs.

SmartOnboard can streamline the onboarding process and obtain a comprehensive view of the customer faster. This helps to accelerate the onboarding process, reduce manual efforts, and minimise errors.

Spot risks sooner

Our platform uses various data sources, including news feeds, public records, and financial records, to provide comprehensive risk profiles and customer compliance insights. This allows our customers to spot risks sooner, fulfil regulatory requirements and avoid exposure to financial risks and penalties.

Stay on top of compliance requirements

SmartOnboard enables customers to perform KYC and AML checks and screen against PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media, ensuring that commercial customers are not involved in any illegal or prohibited activities.

Improve customer experience

Build trust from the very first conversation and accelerate the onboarding journey, without cutting corners.

SmartOnboard features and data

Customer onboarding checks

Onboard business customers up to 94% faster with automated KYC, AML, and credit checks.

Ongoing screening

Screen customers at any time to ensure information reflects current circumstances when reviewing customer products or internal risk appetite.

Ownership & UBOs

Understand company ownership structures and beneficial owners to help improve customer onboarding, reduce risk, and meet regulatory requirements.

Credit & risk

Assess a customer's creditworthiness and financial health. FullCircl provide credit reports, credit scores, and other critical financial indicators to help you evaluate the customers' creditworthiness quickly.

PEPs, sanctions & adverse media

Get access to PEPs, sanctions and adverse media with categories aligned to the latest FATF recommendations and a 70% reduction in false positives.


Event-based alerts notify you of any changes in critical financial information held on the companies in your watchlist.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us here for a free demonstration of SmartOnboard.

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