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FullCircl Partner Pack
July 2023

FullCircl Partner Pack

Leverage the FullCircl B.I.G.™ and API to plug contextualised company information into your solutions portfolio

Become a FullCircl partner

Leverage the FullCircl B.I.G.™ and API to plug contextualised company information into your solutions portfolio

In an increasingly data-driven world, the best businesses are those that can harness data, turn it into actionable insights and make informed decisions.

The FullCircl Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ ingests billions of data points every day, processes them all, and returns accurate, contextualised and real-time information on millions of SMEs in the UK & Ireland.

  1. Designed with partnerships and simple integration in mind
  2. 270+ million connections surfaced between companies, owners, and shareholders
  3. Accurate, contextualised & real-time view of every business

Winning customers

The tools you need to profile your market and engage top targets with rich insight on more than 5 million businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Fast onboarding

Access trusted information on every company to create a frictionless onboarding journey that satisfies both customer and compliance expectations.

In-life customer care

Spot issues and opportunities through engagement signals that help you build, strengthen and expand customer relationships over time.


Provide access to FullCircl’s company information through your platform

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Embed real-time company information into your solution portfolio

Consultants & System Integrators (SI)

Build integrated solutions for customers with FullCircl’s company information

How a FullCircl partnership works

  • Access the FullCircl API developer environment for constant innovation and quick MVP development
  • Solution Consultant workshops and support
  • Account mapping with co-sell & through-sell opportunities
  • Combined go-to-market promotion and communications plan (including sales enablement)
  • Access potentially new sectors and business opportunities
  • Win more business and expand revenue streams

We’re pleased that the integration between nCino and FullCircl has provided ThinCats the opportunity to realise even more benefits for its staff and clients. Automation remains one of the greatest weapons in reducing the risks that financial institutions face related to compliance issues and fraud.

        Rob Martin, Technology Partners Manager at nCino

Become a Partner

Partners play a pivotal role in FullCircl’s story and we recognise that shared growth through working together is a win-win-win for us, our partners and our customers.

Work with us to ensure that whatever our customers do, they are working from a single source of truth and using the right insights to fuel their growth and achieve their ambitions.

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