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FullCircl Support for Cyber Insurance
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July 2023

FullCircl Support for Cyber Insurance

There’s never been a better time to speak to you clients about cyber insurance. FullCircl’s three steps support you with having meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects.

According to a government survey by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Published 24 March 2021, “four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.”

“Three-quarters (77%) of businesses say cyber security is a high priority for their directors or senior managers”, therefore there has never been a better time to speak to your clients about cyber insurance – If you’re not, somebody else is!

FullCircl can help, our three steps below will ensure you keep ahead of your competition and support you with having meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects.

Industry influencers

It is important your clients and prospects see you as a trusted advisor; keeping informed of key industry trends and insights is a great way to improve your knowledge and enhance your LinkedIn profile to display your specialism.

In FullCircl, set up an Influencers watchlist and follow regulators, government bodies and specialists, to keep you, and your clients, informed of changes to legislation and new developments in Cyber Security

Hot tip: Your key influencers include GCHQ, National Cyber Security Centre, Tessian Limited.

Sector insights

Did you know you can search for keywords in FullCircl when looking at sector news?

Discussing recent “data breaches”, “phishing” or “hacking” attacks with your prospects and clients is a lot more effective when it has happened to similar companies or organisations to them.

Head to the sectors tab, in the FullCircl platform, select the industries you are targeting and search for keywords to find relevant articles to share with your contacts and promote on your social media channels.

Hot tip: Combine with FullCircl’s influence tab to gain invaluable intelligence to assess the effectiveness of your outreach.

Identify cyber risks

Identify cyber risks within your portfolio by utilising the topic cloud to refine the news articles to those mentioning cybercrime or cybersecurity.

From a watchlist view, click on ‘Topic Cloud’ and navigate to Finance & Insurance > Risk Management > Cyber Risk.

Hot tip: Use this same filtering on your influencers watchlist to see some of the thought leadership content being posted.

If you need any assistance or would like to know more, our support team is always available to provide assistance through the FullCircl platform:

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