Meaningful opportunities to drive your growth

Sharpen your focus on the companies that fit your brokerage’s specialisms or Verticals.

Own the market

As growth accelerates, the right decisions on who to sell to – and how – need to be made, and at pace.
FullCircl empowers your team with rich, contextualised company information on every business in the UK and Ireland, and increases your sales distribution capacity by 10x.

Align your pipeline targeting with sector specialism and Vertical integration to unlock complete clarity on your market – meaning you won’t just go to market. You’ll own it.

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Prospect with precision

Think of all the elements you need to consider to prospect companies accurately. Perhaps you need to filter by Geographical region, turnover or employee headcount. Or maybe you need to uncover more specific details, like size of Fleet, or property exposure.

All of this takes time, and the information is often out of date the moment you find it. FullCircl targets companies in real-time, so you know what they actually look like – giving you a better focus on opportunities that fit your specialisms or Verticals.

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Feel the pulse of your market

Plug into the key events – think management changes, award wins, expansions or changes to their risk profile – to provide prospects and clients relevant support and guidance exactly when they need it most.

FullCircl gives you access to industry influencers and news sources to help you stay ahead of any legislation changes, HSE activity or potential exposures that could impact your customers.

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Cross selling insurance
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Uncover new revenue streams

With total visibility of your pipeline, it becomes far easier to identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities. A 360° view of your client base means you can initiate meaningful conversations at crucial times, offering key insights that could help develop or implement a customer’s growth strategy.

If there is an increase in Export Turnover, for example, it’ll be the perfect time to discuss Marine Insurance. If your client is experiencing a decrease in Cash in Bank, start the conversation on Trade Credit. Whatever the eventuality, FullCircl has you covered.


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