Price proactively, with precision

Stay on top of every change as it happens with a clear, contextualised view of your customers – past, present and future.

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Intelligence built to avoid the unknown

If you don't know of a risk, how can you price it? Changes in your customer book happen daily, and staying on top of them all takes days out of every month.

FullCircl uses rich, contextualised information to pinpoint the true nature of any company. Surface connections in group structure and access deep credit and financial profiles so you can see what’s really going on – before a claim is even considered.

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Proactive risk monitoring

Without knowing the full story of a business, underwriting at scale is difficult to get right – and pricing accurately and competitively is even harder. Lifecycle risk monitoring should be done proactively, not reactively.

FullCircl provides proprietary industry keywords, updated daily, so you can price to industry or business-specific risk. MTAs can be addressed far more easily, and underinsurance avoided by using rules to automatically flag the changes you need to know about as they occur.

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Quote and buy, automated

Long question sets. Manual process. Inaccurate data. All of these things slow down your quote and buy journey, and frustrate customers at the same time. As customer expectations evolve, bad experiences ultimately mean high drop-off rates.

With FullCircl, you can stay one step ahead using our easy-to-integrate API. Streamline your processes, and increase your ability to bind online without referrals. In short? Create frictionless digital experiences proven to delight customers while increasing your margin, too.

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Identify and inspect your perfect customers

The key to improving margins while avoiding large claims is a true understanding of a company’s risk. FullCircl unlocks that with access to intelligence on every limited company, charity and registered partnership in the UK and Ireland.

That means all of your customers – past, present and future – are searchable, with each market segmented by more than 150 filters and 38,000 potential activities. That means you not only can find your perfect customer, but inspect them. Then, powered by our lifecycle monitoring, you can ensure they stay that way too.


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